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New REX A.18.9 release
Recuperator SpA is proud to announce the release of Version A18.9 of the Rex.exe calculation program, already available online in our customer area.
Main changes and improvements of this new version:
Plate heat exchangers
  • For models inclusive from F12 to F24, “L” plate spacing has become closer to optimize performances, efficiencies and production opportunities.
  • Model B14 includes a new closer “T” plate spacing (3.6 mm), in order to achieve the required higher efficiencies.
  • New option “NO plastic-parts dampers”, with the addition of internal drive has been introduced.
  • New dies allow to improve the maximum differential pressure resistance, increased now for all models.
  • As previously announced, model B02 has been withdrawn from manufacture and is no longer available in the selection program.
  • New “AF” option (20 mm reduced side plates) for A, B and F series from model 08 to model 24 has been introduced.
  • Recent lab tests have shown better performances for pressure drops. Therefore, a reduction in declared values for Recuperator Series A and B (from model 08 to 24) has been implemented within the Rex program.
  • The “AC” option (In aggressive atmosphere, the aluminium fins are protected by a non-toxic, epoxy-based, corrosion-resistant coat of paint) is now available for Recuperator Series A and B, inclusive from model 08 to model 24.
Rotary heat exchangers
  • A new “E” wave fin spacing for the wheel heights (1.55 mm) has been introduced to all the model sizes to complete the product range family.
  • The option to select the heat rotary exchanger without purging sector, has been introduced.

ENG_CEO_17_003 Rex A18.9  

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