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AICARR 2014 conference
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

Recuperator Spa on Thursday June 5th participated and presented an essay during the national conference AICARR 2014 held in Padua. For this conference the identified theme  was of the challenges of integrated designing to guarantee comfort and energy savings in buildings. Recuperator, leader in the design and manufacture of air-to-air heat exchangers, wanted to share its knowledge with the article: “ Designing the comfort and the energy savings through the heat recovery use”.

The air-to-air heat exchangers allow the reduction of energy consumption due to mechanical ventilation; In fact, using a heat exchanger it is possible to recover energy contained into the exhaust air that, as submitted by the VDI 3803, can be equated, at least in terms of energy use, with renewable energy sources.

The UNI EN 13053 introduces a new heat recovery unit classification based on energy classes. About it, in our memory, a fast method of calculating the level of energy class as defined by the UNI EN 13053 was also provided.

In a scenario where the energy recovery and integrated planning are very important, it is essential to provide the designer the amount of energy savings, net of energy consumption for the recovery unit crossing. In our work has been carried out this analysis in two different climates such as Milan and Palermo, with interesting results.

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