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(09/11) Launching of model B 07

Recuperator Srl is pleased to launch the new plates heat exchanger model B 07.

The manufacture of this new model is obtained through a highly automatized production line for mechanical tightness accuracy, economy of the required work and strong flexibility in delivery terms. 
The casing square side dimension of model B 07 is 700 mm. Maximum model length is 2 meters. We can manufacture units up to 2400 mm, when a by-pass section is present.
Plates spacing options are the classical values, standard in Recuperator: C, M and L.
For a lower pressure drop selection, larger spacings than the standard L one are available. To meet higher efficiency request, closer than the standard C spacings are either available.

The new release B12.00 of our Rex selection program enables dimensioning and efficiency evaluation of model B 07 .

The new release introduces also a relevant change in the denomination code of all our plate heat exchangers. From now on, the external length of the heat exchanger is shown in mm, as well as the air opening length of the by-pass section.
More, in the new code many choices are allowed for the by-pass damper shaft and, among them, the brand new option BD i.e. shaft installed inside the damper itself. This avoids the drilling of the AHU casing containing the heat exchanger.
Finally, the side plate type (AE, AR or AZ), selected according to the model and its total length, is shown in the new code.

We kindly ask our Customers to download from our web site the new selection program Rex B12.00. The interesting performances of the new B 07  model will then be evident, exalted by its economical value.

We will welcome your orders for an innovative, economic and reliable product. As usual, you will meet our fast delivery time.

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