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(04-10) B 07 Model

Back from the successful outcome at the 37 a  edition of Mostra  Convegno  Expocomfort  2010 in Milan, Recuperator Srl is proud to introduce to all clients the Plates Heat Exchanger Model B07  selected by Next Energy Scientific Committee, in cooperation with the Politecnico di Milano B.E.S.T. department, among the best plant engineering technologies for efficiency and innovation, inside the Verso la Classe A   2010  Event.

Model B07 is a plate heat exchanger manufactured by a fully dedicated production line, modern and completely automatized, according to the consolidated technology of Recuperator Srl B Series. 
We show as follows the best features of the new Model B07:
 Each plate is manufactured in a single stroke of a fast and precise hydraulic press machine. The distance between the plates is assured by punched bubbles of different depth, according to the plate spacing
 The plates are mechanically assembled just at the press outlet.
 Then the production line carries the finned pack to an automatized fixing machine. The resulting finned pack, of the scheduled length, is always regular and accurate. This device reduces the production time with a valuable result on Model B07 price competitiveness.

 For a supplementary tightness, a special glue can be applied during the manufacturing process. This procedure, in addition to the increased tightness, improves the pack resistance to the differential pressure, evaluated till 1700 Pa.

 The side dimensions are 700 x 700 mm. The length can vary, on demand, up to 2000 mm without by-pass section and 2400 mm including a by-pass section.

Model B07 performances have been optimised by Recuperator Srl internal thermodynamical laboratory and have been confirmed by a test carried out at the HTA Institute of Luzern University, with Certificate Nr. HP-09858 dated 13/11/09, shown in our web site.

The Recuperator Srl innovation will continue with Models B08, B10 and B12, manufactured with the same technology. They will replace, within the end of year 2010, the corresponding F Series Models, which will gradually disappear.

Please note that Model F07 will be out of Recuperator Srl production from 2010 fall.
All customers are kindly requested to take the above lead-time into consideration, converting soon to Model B07, appreciating its high quality and its considerable convenience.

Model B07 technical data are available by downloading the updated version of our Rex calculation program (release A.13) from the Reserved Area in our web site 
Our commercial and technical departments are at disposal for any more detailed information on the subject.

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