Recuperator is a world leader in the design and manufacture of air-to-air heat exchangers.
Founded in 1973 by Antonio Contardo, the founder of Contardo (heat-exchanger coils), Recuperator has always stood out in the marketplace because of its innovative, quality products.


The Recuperator company was founded in 1973, during the great energy crisis. Its founders had realized the potential worldwide interest in heat exchange. Our products found application mainly in industry, in large plants. In 1984, it became necessary to endow the Company's activities with due technological drive, and, the following year ­ in record time! ­ a new product line was set up, based on Recuperator's own design.
During the period 1992 to 1995, the Company expended capital on the boosting of its output and product diversification, with the object of meeting the demand for new applications in the area of residential equipment. To stimulate development on foreign markets, Recuperator engaged in specific marketing, expanding its network with agents worldwide.
In recent years, products have continued to develop. Indeed, as far as most models are concerned, the latter have a press connected to their own assembly unit, for the pressing of plates. This has made possible mass production, aimed at new markets such as air-change equipment in small rooms, smoking areas and mobile telephonic industry, so as to meet widely-varying requirements. All in all, this has resulted in efficient, modern factories.
In recent years, the Company continued to invest in production, to ensure a product that is technologically and advanced. In 2007 she moved into a new factory of Rescaldina (MI) with approximately 7000 square meters of production area. Recuperator stands as a micro "multinational", used to working with the world.
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The Recuperator production processes are highly efficient and innovative. The process begins with the management of order, with dedicated softwares, that automatically send the needed information to the factory production
Recuperator has 10 lines of automatic production, which allow to reduce the human job, only on the control phases; the heat exchanger is assembled and sealed in very short time. The finished product is tested according to standard procedures of quality. The production process is completed with the installation of damper (if present) and the packaging of heat exchanger.

Production lines
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A constant effort in research and development, has allowed Recuperator to produce innovative geometries and reinforce the competitiveness, improving the price / performance. Recuperator has a well-equipped test laboratory with two wind tunnels in accordance with ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) standards.
This facility is used constantly throughout the year, in order to carry out the necessary checks on the heat exchangers manufactured, but especially in the development of new products. Recuperator carries out painstaking checks on all the materials received in the course of manufacturing and on finished products in accordance with regulations.
In accordance with domestic and foreign requirements, Recuperator has obtained the prestigious Eurovent certification in respect of its selection programs.
Such recognition is evidence of the attention paid by the Company on this subject and is an addition to the certifications already obtained over the years through institutes such as HTA (Hochschule für Technik Architektur) of Lucerne (Switzerland), the Masini Institute of Research and Inspection of Rho (MI), and the University of Padua (Physics and Technology Department).



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