Transfers heat and humidity
and tight against germs and odors.

During the winter months we spend about 90% of our time inside buildings. Dry throats, stinging eyes and dry skin are often the uncomfortable results of arid, heated winter air. These symptoms can be reduced by using the new VAPOBLOC. This specially designed energy exchanger transfers the heat and humidity from the extract air to the supply air but leaves out odors, spores and bacteria. VAPOBLOC is ideal for sensitive areas such, schools, residential homes and apartment houses.
Membrana Vapobloc



Humidity transfer
With the special Polymer-Membrane both humidity and heat are transferred from extract air to supply air. Indoor air quality is therefore greatly increased.

High heat transfer
Different plate spacing and plate quadrates allow for optimal dimensioning complying with the requirements.

VAPOBLOC does not freeze in normal winter conditions as most humidity is transferred to the supply air.

Minimal Maintenance.
VAPOBLOC is easy to clean and has no moving parts.

High cost saving on the humidifier
A smaller humidifier can be installed and the running costs are substantially lower.

Permeable membrane
This vapour permeable membrane allows the transfer of water vapour molecules. Other components such as air, smells, spores and bacteria are prevented from passing through from one air stream to the other. The regulations according to VDI 6022 are strictly fulfilled.
Energy recovery for a healthy indoor climate.
Humidity transfer
VAPOBLOC doesn't depend on pores or fragile surface-mounted desiccants to transfer humidity from one air stream to the other. Instead, the dense functional copolymer layer separating the air streams absorbs water vapor creating liquid channels in the solid membrane. There is no physical opening, so the polymer is hermetic and prevents crossover of air or other gases. Only water molecules move through hydrophilic segments of the polymer membrane by a stepping-stone mechanism driven by the vapour pressure differential across the material.

Membrane characteristics:
Air permeation ‹0.05 cm³/cm²/min/kPa – Water Vapor Flux: ›28 kg/m²/d
Membrane technology
Depending on the type of membrane, the selective separation of certain individual substances or substance mixtures is possible. Important technical applications include drinking water by reverse osmosis, filtrations in the food industry, the recovery of organic vapors, waste water treatment.
VAPOBLOC does not freeze in normal winter conditions as most humidity is transferred to the supply air.
The annual payback of VAPOBLOC is therefore significantly high due to many operating hours.
Even if, under extreme circumstances, VAPOBLOC should still freeze, it will not be damaged. The risk of the VAPOBLOC freezing increases when operating at very cold outside air together with high humidity in the exhaust air and continuously use for more than one day.

Leakage and air transfer ‹ 0.5%, freeze tolerant.
The distance plates are made out of corrugated aluminium plates which gives the plate heat exchanger its unique mechanical stability.
Instead of a dividing plate between air streams VAPOBLOC uses a vapour permeable Copolymer stretched over the distance plates. Different fin spacing and square lengths are available, allowing an optimal layout design relating to pressure drop and effectiveness.

Square length: 505, 605, 755, 1010, 1210, 1510 mm
Fin spacing: 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.5 and 5.5 mm

Square length and fin spacing can be combined as required The selection program is available on request.
The VAPOBLOC should be checked regularly for dirt and be cleaned if necessary. At least once a year the VAPOBLOC must be cleaned in order to maintain its latent effectiveness.
Moderate contamination can be dealt with by rinsing the exchanger with warm tap water (max. 60°C).

If necessary a mild dishwashing liquid such as Palmolive or Pril could be added.
Do not use a high pressure cleaner - it could damage the membranes.
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