Recuperator counts on 13 operating lines that allow us to face the growing market, always guaranteeing a "super-quick" delivery, even in the "hot" months!
    For plate heat exchangers there are 10 automated lines and 3 dedicated lines to rotary heat exchangers. Structured offices allow us great efficiency in services, with a large percentage in presence. All this is supported by a constant research company quality that, in 2017, has allowed to achieve the ISO 9001:2015_ISO 14001_ISO 45001. certification. This allows to compete worldwide with efficient and certified products, as well as AHRI, Eurovent and TUV certifications.
    We currently enjoy maximum financial reliability with a AAA rating, and we are able to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.


    Since 2018 Recuperator is part of the Carel Group.
    Carel is a world leader in control solutions for air-conditioning, refrigeration and heating, and systems for humidification and evaporative cooling.
    The products are designed to bring energy saving and reduce the enviroment impact of machinery and systems; and are used in commercial, industrial and residential applications.
    In order to anticipate costumer needs and supply advanced solutions, approximately 6% of consolidated sales is reivested in Research & Development that are the heart of our commitment.
    CAREL operates globally through 23 commercial subsidiares and 9 production plants.


    DELIVERIES: 99.9% punctuality in the agreed times.
    PRODUCTION CAPACITY: about 18% of the turnover invested in new production lines.
    PRODUCT DURABILITY: average life of 10 years.

    BEST DELIVERIES ON THE MARKET: 2 weeks on average for the whole range.
    SERVICE: fast feedback, maximum within 24/48 h.

    FLEXIBILITY: co-design with customers.
    ETHICS: relationship of trust with employees, collaborators, customers and suppliers.

    *Data relating to the 2020 financial year


    COMPETITIVENESS: best prices on the market
    STABILITY: stable prices thanks to planning, investments and design-to-cost

    EXPERIENCE & INNOVATION: since 1973 at customer's service
    DEVELOPMENT: technology and automation

    ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL RELIABILITY: TOP rating index (awarded to 6% of Italian companies)
    COMFORT: workplace healthy, clean and serene

    ENVIRONMENTAL: avoiding waste and pollution
    SOCIAL: continuing training and growth of personnel

    CERTIFICATIONS: quality of goods in and out, software and products
    COMPETENCE: compliance with national and international regulations


    The energy crisis of 1973 put an end to the cycle of economic development that had characterized the West in the fifties and sixties.
    Heavy were the consequences on the industry which, for the first time, was forced to face the problem of energy saving.

    In Western Europe the energy crisis also led to the search for new sources of alternative energy, the main of which is represented by energy saving.

    Heat recovery is one of its most simple, immediate and convenient forms.

    In that year Recuperator began his activity.



Invest in technological research, oversee the current quality, in order to improve the quality of work and customer satisfaction.

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