• IEC – Indirect Evaporative Cooling
    11 Mar 2021

    IEC – Indirect Evaporative Cooling

    The need for Highly efficient IEC, that is, indirect evaporative cooling, encouraged Recuperator to create a unique model: B-Blue.   The first question we asked ourself is: how can we save more ener...

  • The choice of the right heat exchanger
    2 Mar 2021

    The choice of the right heat exchanger

     How to choose the right heat exchanger? By making the right choices to ensure the helthiness of the air!  Today the necessary requirements that a heat exchanger must meet according to VDI 6022 are...

  • SARS-CoV-2 VS Heat Exchangers
    1 Mar 2021

    SARS-CoV-2 VS Heat Exchangers

    SARS-CoV-2 can be transmitted in several ways. When we sneeze, for example, and we have another person in front of us, there is a very high risk of contagion because the particles could be breathed i...

  • E-FiT Series
    17 Feb 2021

    E-FiT Series

    This innovative Recuperator model is a unique heat exchanger intended for the residential, non-residential and industrial air treatment market. By its nature, it is static, with no moving parts, and t...

  • CRIBIS Prime Company – Recuperator Cribis Advisor
    1 Feb 2021

    CRIBIS Prime Company – Recuperator Cribis Advisor

    Recuperator has obtained the CRIBIS PRIME COMPANY: the recognition of maximum commercial reliability. This recognition is based on the CRIBIS D&B Rating, a dynamic and costantly updated indicator ...

  • B-BLUE: Scientific study
    16 Jan 2021

    B-BLUE: Scientific study

    We are pleased to announce the publicatiobn of the scientic study carried out with the Politecnico di Milano which has allowed us to develop and study our new B-Blue coating. Thanks to its hydrophili...