4 Apr 2024

Investigation on the Impact of Limescale on Cooling System Efficiency

We are excited to announce that our latest collaboration with Politecnico di Milano, for the article “Experimental Analysis of the Effect of Limescale on the Wettability of Indirect Evaporative Cooling System Plates” has been published in Fluids as part of the Special Issue Fluids and Surfaces, 2nd Edition. The article is now available online.

In collaboration with Recuperator, the Politecnico di Milano has conducted a study on the effect of limescale on the wettability of plates.

Indirect evaporative cooling systems are essential for efficient cooling, crucial in the fight against climate change. However, the use of city water, often containing calcium carbonate, can lead to limescale formation on system plates, compromising their performance.

Our analysis involved three surfaces: uncoated aluminum (AL), aluminum with standard epoxy resin coating (STD), and hydrophilic adsorbent lacquer known as BBLUE (HPHI), with and without limescale. Results showed that HPHI maintained superior wetting ability, even in the presence of limescale, while STD and AL were less affected. This article emphasizes the importance of understanding the effect of limescale on cooling systems and highlights the importance of selecting the correct plate coatings to enhance efficiency and sustainability.

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