Data centers are quickly increasing in number and size, so much so that in one year the total electricity used for cooling the Data Centre Equipment can reach approximately 0.5% of the worlds electricity consumption. Many research programs are focused on the reduction of the primary electrical energy used for Data Centre cooling, for example, research into indirect and adiabatic evaporative cooling which is the most promising cooling technology. In fact, nowadays, the indoor data center temperature has increased, in which also increases the free cooling working hours. B·Blue is the heart of this system, the air-to-air plate heat exchanger designed for indirect and adiabatic evaporative cooling application in the Data Centre environment.

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In this application the system is arranged in recirculation mode: the primary air is extracted from the data center, cooled down through the plate heat exchanger in adiabatic mode and finally it is supplied back to the facility.


In the adiabatic cooling approach, the outside air could be cooled down, when needed, through the traditional wet pad installed upstream of the recuperator or spraying water directly to the surface of the heat exchanger with different configurations. The tightness of B·Blue by Recuperator is very high, thus avoiding the contamination of the primary air. This special plate heat exchanger is strongly recommended as opposed to other heat recovery components that cannot guarantee the low leakage level needed.

Water types

B·Blue is manufactured from aluminum which gives several advantages: A) it can resist ice formation due to its elastic properties, B) it is antibacterial and antifungal, C) it can be washed with high water pressure without damage and high reliability over time. In the adiabatic process different water types can be used: natural mains water, softened or demineralized. Thanks to its special B·Blue coating, it can resist most aggressive water for years. This unique coating has the function to protect while also increasing the system performance.

Acqua Costo Manutenzione Scambiatore di calore

It is better to use bigger nozzle and to check and clean very often the rack.

Aluminium plate could be used. Side plate with epoxy protection.


With softened water some dust can settle on the plate. Maintenance should be made often.

Protection on the aluminium plate it is needed as epoxy protection on the side plate.


Lower maintenance.

Deionized water is acid. Aluminium protection it is needed to avoid the fretting.

geometria delle alette

The distribution and the shape of the turbulent geometry allow the water to be distributed over the entire plate.The blue color of the recuperator is due to the color of the special coating that has the ability to enhance the wettability of the plate. It has been tested and developed in the university laboratories to increase the water film formation and to enhance the retention of the water on the surface, which gives added advantages: the gain in the cooling capacity and the reduction in water consumption.

Caratteristiche tecniche

  • Crossflow, wide range of sizes

  • Airflow up to 70.000 m³/h (41000 CFM)

  • More than 73% efficiency

  • Low pressure drop

  • Available with or without by-pass and damper

  • Minimal mantainance

Opzioni principali

TV (Coated Casing)

The traditional frame can be protected with an epoxy paint.

Option SC (Super Tightness)

Option that guarantees a greater seal between the two air flows. This option is recommended in particular applications such as Data Centers.