17 Feb 2021

E-FiT Series

This innovative Recuperator model is a unique heat exchanger intended for the residential, non-residential and industrial air treatment market. By its nature, it is static, with no moving parts, and therefore does not need complicated control systems.

The E-FiT Series, covers airflow rates up to 25,000 m³/h with efficiencies above the ERP limits, and low pressure drop. In fact, the efficiency of this series reaches values ​​up to 90% during operation in project conditions. Thanks to its structure, the E-FiT Series resists high differential pressures up to 2000Pa.

Innovation of the E-FiT Series

E-FiT Series has a hexagonal shape, and fins characterised by highly efficient vortex generation which maximise temperature exchange values ​​while retaining low pressure losses in the air flow, this is critical in helping to achieve the most efficient balance between Fan and Plate Heat Exchanger selection

E-FiT Series is assembled with a non-silicone based odorless sealant, leakage between opposing Airflows is almost zero, allowing this product to be used in the most stringent applications, such as hospitals.

Given the absence of moving parts, maintenance is simple and minimal.

Furthermore, due to the way it is structured, it does not generate noise but offers a damping action of the noise itself up to 20dB.

The E-FiT Series adapts to the customer’s structure, since it maintains the same diagonals/dimensions as our cross flow recuperators, facilitating the increase in the efficiency of an existing air handling unit. This geometry guarantees the yields and pressure drops of a larger exchanger, in the footprint of a smaller size recuperator.

The product was developed in anticipation of the new European directive which requires significant increases in yield in a very limited period of time.

We have therefore studied a solution that facilitates the development of the new
units. In fact, the plate has been completely re designed, our vortex generators have been designed, as well as the inlet, to further increase the yield, making the E-Fit series a very efficient and innovative product.


The E-FiT Series allows significant energy savings compared to traditional solutions with a double benefit. Using this single recuperator, the efficiency of the system is increased, obtaining significant energy savings with a reduction in C02 emission.

Thanks to its shape, the air handling unit can be smaller in size, allowing savings on space and materials.

The decrease in the size of the machine, the high efficiencies and the low pressure drops allow a strong decrease in the environmental impact of the system and in C02 emissions.