11 Mar 2021

IEC – Indirect Evaporative Cooling

The need for Highly efficient IEC, that is, indirect evaporative cooling, encouraged Recuperator to create a unique model: B-Blue.


The first question we asked ourself is: how can we save more energy?


The first question we asked ourselves is: how can we save more energy? For this reason, Recuperator wanted to develop a new hydrophilic aluminum coating that improves the efficiency of the system and guarantees high resistance to corrosion. A coating which could be applied on Series A, B, F and E.

The B-Blue coating increases the cooling capacity of the system thanks to a hydrophilic absorption matrix which enhances the wettability of the aluminium sheet by increasing the air humidification process.

Gold in confronto a B-Blue

Difference between Gold and B-Blue


The B-Blue coating, in addition to increasing the IEC cooling capacity, guarantees greater resistance (+50%) to corrosion than traditional epoxy coatings.

Rivestimenti scambiatore di calore B-Blue

The special turbulent geometry of the fin was tested and developed in our R&D laboratory – with the fundamental collaboration of the best universities in Milan – to increase the distribution of water on the surface during the indirect evaporative process. The retention of water on the surface, due to the treatment on the plate, provides a higher cooling capacity and a reduction in water consumption.

Esperimenti B-Blue

For this type of application, the watertight integrity of the plate heat exchanger is essential !
Recuperator knows this, so we set about developing a process that guarantees this result. We are
delighted to be able to offer tightness certified through a dynamic (watertight) test with a high
pressure differential. We have verified this system by exhaustive laboratory testing..


We can now also see configurations that include multiple heat exchangers:

Possible configurations between plate heat exchanger and humidification system.


It is possible to use a single heat exchanger, or multiple heat exchangers to increase efficiency or to have the air flows on the same side. The advantage of the B-Blue coating can be seen when the plate is wet.


B-Blue is made of aluminum, a material that has important characteristics such as: its elastic properties, while maintaining very high values ​​of resistance to the maximum differential pressure, resists problems due to the formation of ice.

It is antibacterial and does not allow the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, and it can also be washed at high temperatures and high pressures without risk of damage. It also maintains its properties unaltered over time.

The special treatment on aluminum makes B-Blue a unique product allowing high resistance to the aggression of all types of water. In addition to the protective function, the B-Blue treatment increases the performance of the system.